1L1H is a group for selected creators to do promotions. In every promo an item will be available for only 1L$, but only for one hour. You must pay attention to notices, use the SLURL they send to teleport to their store, look for the 1L1H panel and pay 1L $ to receive the product.

the best promo for merchants

why you should participate


Get a lot of customers in your store or event instantly and improve traffic, bringing you up in the search engine position


Increase your sales at events and in your store. During every promotion there is a percentage of people who will also buy other things.

brand awareness

Make everyone know about your brand, by giving a sample of your creations and the landmark to your store.

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

You must apply using the form on this website. Only selected stores will be accepted when a new merchant spot will be available.
Applying does not grant you to be accepted, please be patient and do not send multiple requests.

  1. Having an inworld store (where you will usually post promotions)
  2. Having a marketplace store. 
  3. Having at least 30 items for sale in your store, which must be at least 6 months old.
  4. Not being blacklisted for illegal practices (TOS violation, use of Copybots, or similar)
  5. Gacha resellers, discos, etc. are not allowed. Only original creators who can offer their own products.

Yes, you can lose edit rights for any of the following reasons.

  1. Violation of TOS of another creator, if verified by our staff.
  2. No promotions in the last two months
  3. Abusing notice rights by sending fake promo
  4. Not respecting the rules, i.e. sending notices without writing the name of the promo item or without an image, not having the subscriber in your store or event where you do promotions, etc.

Our manager (Titania Halasy) will contact you and send you the welcome pack that includes subscriber, promotion panel, logo, group joiner, etc. She will also give you notice rights in the group.

If you haven’t been contacted, please wait. Only a small percentage of stores will be accepted, and multiple requests will be ignored and push you further in the waiting list.

First, they need to meet the requirements, then it also depends on the number of active stores already in the group, and if there is an available slot we will choose among the applicants seemingly the best fit for 1L1H.

Create quality ads for your items.
Sell your products neatly, and do not resell extra gachas or anything from other creators in your marketplace store.
Have enough products for sale.
Participate to other events, have a recognizable brand.